Support and guidance in making families complete

Shleimut (completeness/שְׁלֵמוּת) aids couples in making their vision of parenthood a reality through expertise and connections to all advanced resources needed to grow their families.

“According to a study that compared the emotional distress of women who were facing medical diagnoses of heart disease or cancer…the infertile women showed equivalent levels of depression and anxiety to women with these life-threatening diseases.

Finkelstein, Rabbi Baruch and Michal, “The Third Key, The Jewish Couple’s Guide to Fertility“, Feldheim Publishers, 2005, p. 10. 

Infertility Hurts

Approximately 6% of couples in Israel suffer from infertility. That’s 106,000 couples watching all the families around them giving birth, pushing strollers, taking their children to school — while they stand off to the side.

Every birth, every brit milah, every celebration is just another reminder that they still don’t have a baby of their own to cuddle in their arms.

Unfortunately, many advisors and even health practitioners are unaware of the full range of available options, especially within the framework of Jewish law. They do not look at the total situation that confronts each couple.

And so these couples are left behind, feeling alone and isolated — and helpless. Discouraging reports from doctors take away their hope. As they try to wade through the dizzying treatment options laid before them, they feel frustrated and overwhelmed, which often causes a rift between the husband and wife.

All they want is to have a baby of their own — but they don’t know the best way forward. They need someone who truly understands their situation to help them navigate this road.

Shleimut is there to show them the way

Shleimut is headed by Rabbi Avrohom Zilberberg, one the world’s leading experts in combatting infertility according to Jewish law.  Rabbi Zilberberg and his staff counsel nearly 2,000 couples a year on their personal situation, their options, and the best route to growing their families.  Shleimut knows all of the doctors, clinics and hospitals in Israel and connects couples to the appropriate resources and advises respectively through all available options.  These options include possible funding sources when needed.

Visualize a family

comprehensive knowledge

Most fertility advisors know a handful of doctors but may not know the best doctor for a particular couple's range of issues. Shleimut is the only organization with comprehensive knowledge of every doctor, clinician and hospital in Israel that assists with infertility. Shleimut has expertise and the ability to advise and connect to every infertility practitioner in Israel and knows the pros and cons of each hospital and method.

Holistic approach

Shleimut is able to discern problems that may appear unrelated to fertility and advises how to solve these problems. Seemingly unrelated issues can also cause or exacerbate infertility. These include physical injuries, mental health issues and a lack of marital harmony. Shleimut understands that life is complicated and that each part impacts all of the other parts of the whole.

Jewish law

One major cause of infertility is when women ovulate before they are able to go to the mikvah. Doctors do not always understand the delicate laws of family purity and Shleimut has the knowledge to deal with this issue and all other halachic considerations.

Locating Dr. Right

If the doctor Shleimut sends the couple to is not successful, they will follow the couple through the course of seeing different doctors. As each doctor knows his area of expertise and his hospital, it could be that a different doctor or hospital is more appropriate. No Shleimut client is left at a dead end. Shleimut will continue to search for a solution and leave no stone unturned.

A personal touch

Shleimut pays special attention to the unique needs of each couple and gives them the attention and support that they need for their individual situation, as they understand that fertility treatments are not one-size-fits-all. Shleimut catches many problems that others would not pick up on.

How Shleimut helps

1.     Meeting with the couple and listening to the history of their struggles and probing all possibilities that may affect fertility.

2.    Sending the couple for testing if needed and strategizing the optimal route forward.

3.    Communicating directly with the appropriate practitioner before and after they meet with the couple.

4.  Following up with the couple by phone and with another five to ten meetings to keep track of their progress and results and continuing to advise and connect them accordingly.

5.    The average couple conceives within three to twelve months after meeting with Shleimut staff.  Congratulations!

COMING SOON: Public educational lectures about infertility treatment options for activists, lay leaders, Rabbis and prospective parents.

HOW you can make the difference

Approximately 172 couples each month are waiting for the opportunity to obtain expert advice and connections to bring their dream of parenthood into reality.

The average cost to help each couple get the support, guidance and treatment that they need is $700.

Become a monthly donor and have a share in the merit of bringing precious Jewish children into the world.

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