Yeshiva Noam Yisrael

Every Jewish boy deserves an education that prepares and inspires him for life.

Noam Yisrael offers a tailored religious high school curriculum, with resources and support to help struggling boys thrive.

Youth struggling on the brink

About 25% of students in elementary school have some type of learning disability or learning difference. In the Ultra-Orthodox school system, they often progress through each subsequent grade even if they haven’t achieved the educational goals of that year.

However, once these children reach high school age, the scholastic challenges can overwhelm them. Even with tutors and adjusted academics, they simply cannot keep up with their peers.

This takes a tremendous toll on their self-esteem. They start to view themselves as dumb, untalented, unmotivated, and unable to accomplish anything of value, and they lose their will to even try.

It is critical that we intervene before a boy’s inevitable fall into delinquency and substance abuse. But there are many factors that get in the way.

That’s where Noam Yisrael comes in.

NoaM Yisrael:

An innovative high school for boys

Noam Yisrael is a yeshiva for boys from religious families who cannot make it in mainstream classrooms and need a customized curriculum. Classes and academic requirements are highly individualized to the specific student’s strengths and needs, without compromising the children’s religious outlooks and backgrounds. 

Students graduate with a strong academic background and the skills they need to hold down a job and contribute to society. But more importantly, they develop a strong self-esteem and a deep understanding and connection to their Jewish heritage.

At Noam Yisrael, every student has greatness inside him. He just needs a little extra help to bring it out.

A unique approach

A unique success

HOW you can make the difference

Most Noam Yisrael boys have monthly tuition paid by their families. However the school subsidizes many students from low-income families. We urgently need sponsors committed to changing the future for these boys.

Sponsor tuition for a student from a low-income family $2,000/year

Support a year of studies for all 40 subsidized students for $80,000

Become a monthly donor to Noam Yisrael's growing impact

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