Moshia for Mental Health

In Israel, thousands suffer from mental illness. Access to quality psychological or psychiatric help would enable them to function better and contribute more to their families and to society, and, in some cases, save their lives.

Moshia offers hope to those who fall through the cracks

The hidden pain

Within the Jewish community, many men and women who suffer from undiagnosed mental illness outwardly appear to be functioning well, so no one realizes they need help.

Others struggle with known mental illnesses but are not considered by the Health Ministry to have urgent enough needs to be treated promptly, if at all – despite significant suffering on their part.

As a result, many continue to bear the pain of depression, anxiety, and substance or other abuses. They are often unable to sustain a job or function in society, and are frequently living in isolation and poverty – or worse, taking their own lives.

Addressing a complex problem

The crisis in mental health care in Israel is caused by multiple factors. 

Lack of mental health practitioners

Israel is not training enough psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists to meet the growing needs of the population.

Unacceptably long wait time

Because of the dearth of adequate practitioners – and because many cannot advocate for quicker appointments – typical wait times for a first appointment is 6 months or longer.

Lack of funds to pay for treatment

The individual or his/her family often do not have the financial means to cover the necessary costs of treatment.

Lack of companion or caretaker

Many who suffer from mental illness need support to help them attend appointments, take their medications, and manage daily tasks . Lack of support undermines effective treatment.

moshia Provides a Solution

For over 25 years, under the auspices of Rabbi Yehuda Phillip, Moshia has been helping people find an appropriate treatment program or practitioner that fits their needs.

Arranging the best treatment for each indivdual

Making Treatment Affordable and accessible

HOW you can make the difference

Most cases need around NIS 5,000 a month for 6 months; approximately $8,500 per case.

With 70 cases on the waiting list in need of sponsors, the total amount needed is $600,000.

Become a monthly donor to save a person and a family from excruciating suffering

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