Put your donation dollars to work through vetted charities providing life-saving therapies, medical equipment and transportation, nutritious meals, educational and special needs support and more.

Every dollar you donate counts

$4 million Tefillin Campaign

8,000 IDF Soldiers

Tefillin campaign for Israeli soldiers

100% of proceeds go to provide Tefillin to soldiers who have committed to this mitzvah for the rest of their lives

7,320 soldiers have received; another 680 Israeli soldiers still waiting for their spiritual protection

Soldier Shema Tefillin

There are many, many charities out there.

Which ones deserve your hard-earned donations?

When you make a charitable donation — of any size — you want to know your dollars go where they are needed most.

Israel Select Charity Fund takes the guesswork out of charitable donations

We select organizations and causes doing life-saving work in Israel. We research each one to ensure they are well-run and effectively helping their target audience. Then we support them in their holy work.


Connects individuals and families with mental illness or psychological distress to the appropriate therapists and works to guide them through the process and make their treatment affordable.

Noam Yisrael

Yeshiva and vocational high school for boys with learning disabilities, aiming to transform them into successful, functional young adults.

Widows and Orphans

Support widows and orphans in Israel by providing for their needs during the High Holidays and Passover.

Kyiv boys in Tiberias

Ukraine Jewish Community

The Kyiv community fled when war broke out with Russia. After resettling in Israel, they need assistance with such essentials as housing, integration and rebuilding the community's support institutions.

Why donate through us?

Zero fees

Donors and recipients will never pay a fee for this service.
All organizational expenses, including accounting, are borne in full by the Board members — who receive no compensation for their work

Authentic & pressing needs

We rigorously vet every funding recipient for authenticity and extent of need.
In addition, we lean on a vast network of well-connected, well-established community leaders who are well-versed in the background and specific details of each cause.

Guidance to Charities

We don’t just give money; we help each recipient develop a sustainable plan to ensure the funds are used most efficiently.
We also provide fundraising direction and support, to help them maximize their existing donor base.

Full transparency

All of our activities and financial information are available for public view, along with our yearly audit by a leading accounting firm.

Tikkun Olam

We feel immense satisfaction helping others and making a very positive impact in the world.
Our sole motivation is helping both donors and recipients to the best of our abilities.


We are a US-based tax-exempt nonprofit organization.
Every contribution is tax-deductible.
EIN: 84-2437761


You contribute to Israel Select Fund

Monthly, annually, or a one-time sum.

We divide the funds

Among causes we have vetted and authenticated for immediate, pressing need.

Those in need receive every dollar

Finally getting the help they desperately need, thanks to you.

make the most of your charitable donations

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Illinois Office

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